Hato Body Schutz

1 Gallon
  • Features
  • Surface preparation
  • Coating system
Hato Body Schutz works as a protective coating with sound deadening qualities designed for cars, trucks and vans. Our black, rubberized coating bonds to a wide variety of surfaces helps protect vehicles from corrosion and reduce road noise. Its high build capabilities add a layer of protection to shield the underside of a vehicle from moisture, road salt and stones. This layer of protection helps guard against corrosion, rust and chipping. The rubberized coating helps reduce road noise helping create a quieter and more pleasant ride inside the vehicle for passengers. It is easy to apply and provides good coverage with a consistent final appearance. High-build capabilities allow you to customize the layer to your desired thickness. 

  • Protective coating helps protect the underside of vehicle from corrosion and chips
  • Rubberized properties can reduce road noise for a quieter ride
  • Easy to apply formula provides fast coverage
  • High-build capabilities allow customized thicknesses
The substrate must be free from rust, mill scale, loose particles, and waxy contaminate
  • The product can be applied over bare metal or primer.
  • Clean and dry surface with soap and water
  • Apply in relatively light coats, allowing for the solvent to evaporate somewhat between coats. Build to desired thickness.
  • Dry time is typically 30 minutes at room temperature. Thicker applications may take longer to dry.